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Anarch-Atheist mythology

[This story came from a dream. The dream was probably inspired by Angela Davis and Jonathan Swift. ‘They/them’ is used as the gender neutral pronoun. ‘God’ is left in its ‘male/neutral’ form.]

Mirna Wabi-Sabi


June 2017

Sara Kovačič- Poem and illustrations

Esther Blockbergen- Editing

“We are not asking to be included in a racist society. If we say no to heteropatriarchy, then we do not wish to be assimilated into a society that remains deeply misogynist (…). If we say no to poverty, we do not wish to be contained by a capitalist structure that values profits more than human beings. We recognize that those who want to solve the problem of slavery by creating more humane forms of slavery are simply employing a logic of racism. We recognize that those who simply call for police reform and prison reform retain the racist structure while pretending to address the problems of racism.”

Angela Davis speaking on Brazilian television 25th of July, 2017

The Gods have always had the power to turn humans into pets. They consider it to be more humane than other practices such as enslavement, torture, or manipulation.

Most Gods enjoy being worshipped; they enjoy the power to request and have any and all their wishes actualized. Non-compliant humans are at the mercy of the Gods’ creative nature in devising punishments, something they enjoy as a hobby. This is because what the Gods need from the human world is an antidote for boredom. Boredom is the most serious illness among the Gods. For the all-powerful immortals, boredom is the closest thing to a life-threatening disease. It’s the first symptom of incurable depression. For the all-powerful immortals, boredom is the closest thing to a life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, the Gods have been, perhaps willingly, blind to this connection to the human experience. Had they done so, they might have developed more sympathy and solidarity with mortals.

The main reason why even the kindest of Gods fail to truly sympathize with humans is because if they were to do so, they would be doomed to the mortal’s fate of subordination. In order to achieve the closest thing to solidarity without succumbing to the human condition they decided to adopt humans as pets. They rescue humans, feed them, love them, train them when they misbehave, and advocate for their protection and well treatment among other Gods.

Some Gods make love with their human pets. This practice leads to debates over the ethical repercussions of human-God sexual relations, in connection to zoophilia. Within the kindest of Gods, the question is posed as an issue of power and consent. Some believe it to be abuse, others believe it to be just another form of love and care. The most brutal Gods criticize the practice because they do not see humans as worthy of such an intimate connection, and they predict an unwelcome consequence of this practice – the rise in feelings of self-worth among some humans.

Ultimately the issue of offspring arises, not only philosophically but also practically. The Gods carefully constructed the concept of what being a God and being a human is, as well as all the other dynamics perceived as Natural. If half-breeds of humans and Gods come to be, they constitute a serious destabilization of this carefully constructed reality. It becomes much more difficult to handle the God-pet dynamic, a dialectic also carefully constructed and guarded. The line between Gods and humans would be blurred, and most if not all Gods fear this more than they fear their own cruelty.

What neither humans nor Gods realize is that Godly power comes not from getting closer to Gods, but from atheism instead.


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This book is dedicated to Irati. Thanks for inspiring and supporting us, without you none of this would have been possible.

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